• Sea bream gravlax 64

    with dill / kimizu sauce and seaweed mayonnaise / green curry sauce

  • Amberjack Ceviche 60

    with tagine condiments / tiger's milk with mango / quinoa salad

  • Beef / caviar 92

    beef tartare (from France) with caviar (10gr) and beef tataki (from Japan) with caviar (5gr) with barbecue sauce

  • Fresh duck foie gras 58

    burnt with black pepper / pan-fried on sushi rice, beans and Japanese vinaigrette

Unlike the majority of restaurants that now only offer menus, we continue to offer a choice menu.

For all those choosing a single course (except children), there will be a €30 supplement.

Unlike the majority of restaurants which only offer menus, we continue to offer an à la carte choice.

For all those who choose a single dish (except children), there will be a supplemnt of 30 €.


  • Breton lobster cooked in a cona pot (if single course, a supplement of €20) (Signature dish version 2023) 98

    1st course: spring roll tongs with jalapeno sauce / quenelle with butternut gnocchi, Thai sauce / fresh herb agnolotti with cafetière broth 2nd course: finely sliced tail over pasta with basil and shellfish butter

  • Line bar 82

    in crispy scales lacquered with citrus then smoked with cannabis flower (CBD) / beets glazed with Grand-Marnier / sauce with flavours of the World

  • Scallops 84

    pan-fried on a fennel purée / brill tortellini / black pudding / parmesan emulsion and ponzu sauce


  • Faux filet of beef from Hida (gifu province -japan-) 92

    cooked a la plancha / with a blowtorch on a green cabbage patty with dashi and pink ginger / pack choy filled with shiitake marmalade

  • Homing Pigeon 74

    whole roast / truffle-stuffed cabbage / yellow oyster mushrooms / reduced juice

  • Venison fillet 84

    roast with pepper sauce / pressed pears with quince / grilled porcini / knepfla with cranberry and chestnut filling


  • Mandarin / Kampot pepper / Black rice 33

    marinated mandarin with mirin condiment / black rice cream and miso sauce / mandarin sorbet with IGP red Kampot pepper / crispy puffed rice tuiles

  • Chocolate 33

    low-fat chocolate mousse 65% Venezuela / extracted grits caramelized with fleur de sel / crispy cocoa gavottes / Nam Bô pepper ice cream

  • Butternut 33

    berlingots stuffed with ricotta and burnt butter pulp / galangal root broth / praline and pumpkin seed ice cream

  • Alsace apples 33

    apple pressé / crumbly shortbread with toasted hazelnut / raw cream and fresh apples / purple shiso sorbet

  • Green apple / Petrossian caviar 33

    textured green apple and Tahitian vanilla-infused cream / wholemeal sugar shortbread / iodized Meyer lemon sorbet and Petrossian daurenki caviar


  • Munster revisited in a crunchy style 26

    cromesquis and potatoes

  • Vieux Comté with cider and apples 26

    with old-fashioned mustard seeds

  • Stilton 26

    like a cheesecake with white port jelly / roasted fig with crème de cassis

  • Covid-19: We would like to assure you that all sanitary measures are scrupulously respected and that the air in both the Dining Room and Kitchen is constantly renewed, and after 30 minutes is completely renewed (2300 m3/h).

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