New Year Menu

6 dishes at 100 € TTC
(excluding drinks)

Amuse bouche

Terrine of duck foie gras, fig gel, almond petals and brioche bread

Scallops in a soy crust, pumpkin cream with spices

Soft-cooked hake back, vegetable maki, daykon radish and pink ginger, Thai sauce

Breaded veal filet mignon with fresh herbs, pan-fried gnocchi with truffle juice, melting seasonal vegetables

White eat celery, comté cheese in espuma and puffed spelt

New Year’s sweets


Lunch & Dinner Menu

4 courses at 98 € *
6 courses at 122 € **.
8 courses at 148 €.

Amuse bouche

* Fresh duck foie gras burned with black pepper and cherry **.

Dashi Kale Wafers with Daykon Radish and Pink Ginger

Vegetable Ceviche with Macadamia Green Curry Sauce

Tortellis of boursin with parmesan espuma

Squid just snacked on a black garlic puree and vegetable maki, tandoori sauce**

*Hake confit with chorizo marmalade, Bagna Cauda sauce with green olives

*Veal tenderloin in a green suit, fresh pea tartlet with brousse and lemon confit, potato roulade with its juice, satay sauce


*Strawberry/mint granita on Traou Mad shortbread with a fine Joconde**.


Vegetable Menu

6 courses at 112 €.

Amuse bouche

Tomato cluster with a cold frisée and arugula soup, green apple sorbet flavored with wasabi

Ginger Kale and Daykon Radish Wafers

Vegetable Ceviche with Green Curry Macadamia Sauce

Steamed brioche filled with fresh herbs with a pea tartlet with bush and preserved lemon, vegetable maki and satay sauce

Medley of vegetables from our friend Norbert with corn berlingots, Thai sauce


Large black cherry profiterole with verbena and fresh almond cream, Morello cherry sorbet with kirsch





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